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(散卖装) 香草传统枧仔糕 (Loose Pack) Pandan Kiya Kuih

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✅ 传统枧仔糕 (香草味) 阿嬷祖传福建糕点,纯天然香草不含添加色素,粘自制黑糖酱,回味无穷
✅ 糕点盒装 10cm (宽) x 15cm (长)

✅ The latter made with rice flour, and fresh pandan juice has a slight springy texture. Its mild flavour compliments the palm sugar syrup. The syrup with just the right amount of sweetness is not too thick, and coats the bite-size pieces of kiya kuih evenly.
✅ Kiya Kuih Pandan Flavor - A traditional kuih from hokkien culture, taste with coconut sugar syrup.
✅ Kuih in a rectangle box size 10cm (W) x 15cm (L).